Design Plugins for Figma in 2022

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Design Plugins for Figma – If you’re a designer and don’t know Figma, you’re missing out.


I wrote an article about Figma plugins that can help you optimize and speed up your workflow. Figma is now almost every designer’s and artist’s favorite tool since then. With Figjam and the addition of auto layout, variants, and several other huge Figma updates, the plugin realm has also changed a lot. So, in this article, I have an updated list of plugins that will speed up your design process.

Make your life easier with Figma plugins

1. Image tracer

By Dave Williames

Trace black and white bitmap images to turn them into a vector layer.

When you run Image tracer; it will take whatever layers you have selected and combine them together into one image (regardless of if they’re already a vector or not) — then it will convert it to ‘black & white’ and attempt to trace it into a new vector layer.

You can view the image it is tracing, by changing the dropdown in the options popup from ‘Original image’ to ‘Processed image’.


By Iconify and Vjacheslav Trushkin

Import Material Design Icons, FontAwesome, Jam Icons, EmojiOne, Twitter Emoji and many other icons (more than 100 icon sets containing over 100,000 icons) to Figma document as vector shapes.

3.Foundation: Color Generator

By Jorge Fernandes

Create Color Palettes based on great Design Systems like: Material, Atlassian, Orbit and Ant Design!

Foundation: Color Generator is the tool kit that helps you create fast color palettes, using state of the art Design Systems as reference.

A great tool to kickoff projects and to create color tokens to share with developers.

Ensure your colors are accessible by checking the contrast ratio right from the shade generator.

Render your color schemes and add them to your styleguide!


Main features:

  • Profiles
  • Contrast Checker
  • Color Tokens
  • Styles Generator
  • Palette render
  • Color Picker
  • Color name generator

If you have any suggestions/features/profiles you want to be added please send me an email to:

4.Ui Faces

By Aleksandar Tasevski

UI Faces aggregates thousands of avatars which you can carefully filter to create your perfect personas or just generate random avatars. The avatars are aggregated from various sources. You can filter by age, gender, emotion, etc.

Check source license before you decide to use avatar in a live project. You can find all licenses at

Download and use of this plugin is subject to UI Faces Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Go to for more info.


By Marvin Bruns

Quickly generate a simple typescale/modular scale.

This is an very early version.

# What is a modular scale?

A modular scale in Typography is used to generate a visual rhythm in font sizes. This plugin helps to generate those sizes. Starting with a base-value, font-size increments and decrements from that size with a multiplier you set.

# What can I do here?

This plugin lets you generate a modular scale. At this stage it’s fairly basic. Functions as you also could know them from websites about this topic.

1. Set a base-size

2. Set a multiplier

3. Set how many sizes you want above and below the base-size

4. Decide to round or not to round values. An addition many alternatives currently miss.

“Design is intelligence made visible.”

Alina Wheeler, author

I hope these plugins find a place in your Figma workflow and save you time. Please clap and follow if it was useful! Reach out to me for any feedback you wish to give. You can connect with me on Twitter @aejazmemon007

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